Blog: PMI-PMP Certification

PMI-PMP Certification Process

Attached is a link to the PMI (Project Management Professional) PMP (Project Management Professional) certification information and registration process.

In preparation for taking my exam I went through the following steps

1) Registered to take the exam ( I gave myself 6 months to get prepared)

2) Attended a PMP exam preparation course at a local PMI chapter - Ottawa Valley chapter. (12 weeks)

3) Purchased a PMP exam preparation audio CD from RMC Project Management Inc. and listened to it daily for a month just prior to exam

Here’s the link:

4) Purchased a series of practice tests from PM Study Inc. I bought the 90 day package which I started as soon as I completed the PMP exam prep course which was 12 weeks

Here’s the link:

Timeline and Cost Summary

Local Chapter Exam Prep Course - 3 months

4 PM Study Exam Practice sessions - 1 per month + final 4th test 1 week before exam = 3 months

Total Duration: 6 months

Cost: Approx. $2,000.00 (Registration fee, Exam Prep Course, CDS, Exam Simulations)

If you have any further specific questions do not hesitate to give me a call


2013-02-26 18:24:00