Learning Centre & Community of Practice

The ENVPMSS Learning Centre & Community of Practice recognizes Project Management as a valued, unique set of skills with specific learning and human resource needs. Projects are the primary vehicle to introduce change. To successfully implement environmental, municipal infrastructure and sustainability projects it is critical that organizations improve their capacity to effectively lead, plan, implement and manage projects to deliver successful transformation results.


The purpose of the ENVPMSS Learning Center & Community of Practice is to connect environmental practitioners to information, resources and knowledge on how to effectively manage environmental, municipal infrastructure and sustainability projects.

  • This ENVPMSS Learning Center is designed to build environmental and sustainability capacity by providing support services for Project Management ressources within the private, public and NGO environmental sector organizations.
  • The ENVPMSS Community of Practice provides a secure online portal, which allows ENVPMSS course alumni members to connect with one another to gain a deeper understanding of the different project management (PM) processes, to share successes and challenges and to work together to support each other.

is committed to providing environmental and sustainability learning solutions through the development of practical resources, offering advice and guidance, and cultivating knowledge sharing and learning.