Project Management Planning Essentials Workshop

Format: In-Class Instructor-Led
Duration: 2 days | Tuition: $ 850.00 | PDUs: 15
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Target Audience                                                                                                 

This workshop is designed for team leads, project managers, team members and anyone else who wants to improve their project management skills and manage projects more effectively.

Workshop Description

This workshop focuses on the important and critical front-end planning phases. It introduces participants to project management planning essentials regarding such topics as planning strategies for ramping up projects, balancing scope, schedule and cost; balancing and assessing strong/diverse stakeholder needs, performance reporting considerations, aspects of contract/procurement management as well as risk management.

Compliant with the Project Management Body of Knowledge, this hands-on session also includes tips and techniques gleaned from over 40 years of project experience. A comprehensive reference manual that includes industry best practices and templates is also provided.

Instructional Approach

A certified PMP instructor first provides a bit of theory via lectures, which is then followed by hands-on exercises to demonstrate its application and to reinforce its meaning. Participants are asked to conduct the exercises in a team-based format, thereby enhancing their team-building knowledge and skills.

Participants take turns in explaining their team’s solution to the rest of the class, thus benefiting from peer reviews while having the opportunity to practice their presentation skills in an informal and forgiving learning environment. Peer reviews are an integral part of the workshop and result in a very positive and meaningful learning experience.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants will have the confidence and the skills to prepare use the most important project planning tools to define and organize their projects. In addition, they will be able to clearly communicate their project and project needs to others to seek the required approvals, and to control the project in its implementation phase. Participants find that most tools and techniques learned can be applied in their workplace the very next day.

Specifically, at the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define a project and the 5 phases of its life cycle
  • Explain what a Project Proposal and a Project Charter are
  • Define the SMARTS Objectives of a Project
  • Create a DBS/WBS
  • Build a Precedence Network Diagram
  • Determine the Critical Path of a project
  • Identify key aspects of Stakeholder Management & Risk Assessment
  • List the benefits of a project organization structure

Workshop Outline

Unit 1: Introductory Overview
Unit 2: Project Life Cycle
Unit 3: Project Proposal/Charter
Unit 4: Deliverable/Work Breakdown Structure (DBS/WBS)
Unit 5: Stakeholder Management
Unit 6: Precedence Network Diagram
Unit 7: Identifying the Critical Path
Unit 8: Risk Assessment
Unit 9: Project Organization Structures