Environmental Project Stakeholder Management Workshop

Project Stakeholder Identification & Management Workshop

John Williamson, SWP Chair - Cataraquai Region Conservation Authority
"Well done - lots of pre preparation. This workshop would be useful for Source Protection Committee's for their public reviews, etc. and municipal meetings."

Karla Maki Edson, SWP Communications Coordinator - Cataraquai Region Conservation Authority
"There are a lot of items here that I can use. The exercises were helpful to understanding the material."

Jackie O'Black, Project Manager, Climate Change Adaptation Project - Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority
"Great exercises,emphasized to me importance of the stakeholder end of project management."

Pat Piitz, Director Lands, Fisheries and IT - South Nation Conservation Authority
"Simple tools to identify and analyze stakeholders to provide for effective communications and ensure a successful project."

Karen Mortimer, Communications and Marketing Coordinator - South Nation Conservation Authority
"Excellent! Very informative: The course met my needs very well."

Terri Devine, Program Coordinator - Eastern Ontario Development Program, Grenville Community Futures Development Corporation
"Workshop provided me with excellent tools to support my clients."

Danielle Thibeault, Project Manager, Migratory Bird Legislation Project - Environment Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service
"Excellent presentation of useful material."

Regis Trudel, Senior Vice President - Minto Commercial Group
"Should be mandatory for old Project Managers."

Allan Newell, Senior Engineering Technologist, Restoration - Credit Valley Conservation Authority
"Excellent course - very informative."

Christie Lee Hazzard, GIS Applications Specialist - Credit Valley Conservation Authority
"Great! Enjoyed it and can see wher I can use all of this information."

Barb, Kingdom, Manager - Assiniboine Hills Conservation District
"I can see this workshop benefitting all Conservation Districts in Manitoba."

Jason Greenall, GIS Applications Specialist - Ducks Unlimited Canada
"Not a lot I'd suggest changing. The content was good and certainly provides a lot to think about when starting a new project (besides let's get started now). Clearly a more measured and deliberate approach has benefits. I intend to use these new ideas. Thanks!"

Dr. Vince Crichton - Manitoba Conservation, Wildlife and Ecosystem Protection Branch
"Was not sure about the course based on material received. In the end it was extremely useful to some of the projects I have on the go or will be starting shortly. Looks like techniques presented will be extremely useful."

Christine Tymchakl, Marketing and Communications Specialist - Manitoba Conservation, Wildlife and Ecosystem Protection Branch
"The workshop was worthwhile. It opened a new way of looking at stakeholders (scoring part) – that was enlightening."

Ferodous Ahmed, Ph.D.,P.Eng, Senior Water Resources Engineer - Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
"Very useful workshop, I shall apply the things I learned to real world situations. Thanks!"